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Brands - Really nonsense


#21 by valerie » Fri May 03, 2019 14:16

$99 each!

I guess it was Christmas before last, Google came out with the little round
Google thingies. They were something like $49. Then around Christmas
time on some sights such as Walmart, they were selling them for $29 PLUS
you got a $25 Walmart credit to use. I bought one and then bought a second.
You weren't really getting a direct credit to Walmart dot com. It was thru sort
of a Google portal store that did not offer everything that Walmart has. So with
one of my $25 credits I purchased toilet tissue and with the other I purchased
paper towels. It was actually a very good deal. In essence you could say I
gave $4 each for the google talk thingies.

I'm gonna go see what the actual name is.......

Top 10 contributor

Google Home Mini
I'm a top 10 contributor at Walmart dot com and have 705 positive feedback
for it and 89 negative feedback for my review of it.

Anyway, I like them for the price I paid. Primarily I kept one beside my bed
and I would ask it what time it is, set for it to wake me up, etc. I had one in
the kitchen too.

They only sent out that email about the $99 bulbs, a week ago or less. I know
I wouldn't buy it. It might be handy for someone but I am not sure who it would
be. My BS degree is Rehab and yep I can see how various gadgets can be helpful
for the disabled. For example, arthritis in the hands. Still, the price is higher than
many other products one can be for the disabled.

It's truly become to difficult to keep up with it all. I mean, you go out and spend
a thousand bucks on a tech item and one month later, they have a newer model.

It makes you want to be a Tom Hanks on an island in the Pacific. Put the lime in
the coconut. haha!
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#22 by Darkstar2 » Sun May 05, 2019 22:15

This is technology and planned obsolescence - You spend $1200 on that latest graphics card and 1 year later it's already obsolete and the company is releasing its new version :D

As far as those SMART speakers thingies (Google home, alexa, etc) it's basically a DISASTER and SCANDAL waiting to happen, because everything you say to these devices is recorded and kept on some database on some servers, that also includes Sirii, and some people actually can potentially reveal very sensitive information through their smart devices like for instances they might ask their smart device to buy something online and give them banking info or CC info, or they might dictate their alarm code :D or even worse, an entire history of you can be built of when you leave the house, when the lights come on and off. These companies even make those spoken commands available t listen to to crowd contributors, there are some tasks here where we listen to actual spoken commands, though these companies assure you that they strip out the personal stuff before it makes it as a task to reviewers, but yeah, this technology can be misused and it is a big disaster waiting to happen. Why can't people just get up to turn on the light bulb. There are cheap old fashioned timers you can plug to program your light bulbs on / off, not everything has to be "SMART" and connected to the internet :D

What's left in people's houses that is not "connected", ? Next to come, smart toilet paper ? Where you can adjust its thickness, colour temperature and texture ? :P
Or maybe SMART grass, w here you can adjust its colour, texture, etc, it might even send you a text when its time to get cut or to tell you how much weed you have (no not 42, I mean the bad plants, weeds :D )
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#23 by jjohnson777 » Mon May 06, 2019 18:03

Amazon had one where need to press a button for it to listen it been discontinued but I still got it. It is called the Tap and I love it listen to classical music while write my short stories.
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#24 by valerie » Tue May 07, 2019 00:31

The ones I have, there is a control to turn it off. I don't and never have used mine
for purchases or making payments. I'm not even sure mine does that. Amazon has
the ones in which you can simply state to order something. They can do that because
the site already has your cc payment info so you don't need to relay that info, it already
has it online. It was kind of funny about the child that placed an order.....I forget what
it was the child ordered, something like 100 toys or some such.

What I really like about it more than anything was simply asking the time and telling it
to wake me up at such and such time. Not having to fool with setting a clock alarm.

You have to state one of two phrases and it has to recognize your voice. One phase
is 'Hey Google'. Hey google wake me at 6am. Hey google find me the best apple
pie recipe. Hey google what time is it.

It's kind of fun such as 'hey google, tell me some jokes' and 'hey google tell me a
story'. Hey google play a bob Dylan song'.

It's for lazy people. :lol:
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#25 by rajukurup » Tue May 07, 2019 10:18

Amazon is better than google in many aspects . They provide innovative services . AWS Iis gaining much popularity these days. Google was the leader in these previously but amazon leads google now. I predict Amazon to be the leader of the new decade
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