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Some stupid advice on internet......tasman1


#21 by sofar2018 » Sat Jan 06, 2018 17:51

tasman1 wrote: sofar 2018....

Nah , it is not for me
My English is very bad , I am Croat
I am not good with software and any kind of technologies [ I am one who is not made for new world , I am cave man ]
Not to mention that I am old person , better say old mule

I am made to sit at the beach and fish , or to live at some empty beach millions mile from any civilization

evenif!!! Amazon meet your live style,just little push to use Jungle scout and some hard work tolist your product and BOOM,,, stay at beatch with your labtop forever and ever..

I am sure that time you will have time to fill some surveys and do tasks..

By the way, I would like to express my respect to ClixSense where it is great way to get serious MONEY..especially if you got 10,000 referrals and then you will be KING for

I am planning never leave CLIXSENSE at all :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: ...Keep with you what ever my business is..

sofar I got good money to buy required software to come in Amazon..

good luck for all of us
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#22 by tasman1 » Sat Jan 06, 2018 17:59

sofar2018 wrote:
rpdesign wrote: live in amazon? urgh .... better think twice b4 you attempt it.
if you cant even survive for a few days in your backyard forest, dont ever think about amazon

Hi bro,

I talk about!!!!!

tasman1, I really do not mean to be rude.. I just give you some advice..

There is another serious way to make bussiness online..
Have you hear about .....wealthy

This website make it possible to have good understanding for online bussiness with small fees

best luck all

I know that you are not rude , but I am to old now for all that stuff plus I have now full Australian pension plus part of Swiss pension

Fishing time , beach time , [ and if possible blonde time :D ] that is all I nead now is short , time to enjoy it a bit if possible
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#23 by sofar2018 » Sat Jan 06, 2018 21:17

valerie wrote: Well, I think people over complicate it and the reason why is because
those people can sell you something that is just common sense for the
most part anyway.

There's a ton of ways to make money online and it's all about how hard
you want to work, how much time you want to put into it, and how much
money you want to put into it.

I agree with you Valerie,

I am not trying to sell anything here.. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

wealthy deserve to get it GO even for free..see ..look around and then never see

...Some stupid advice on internet...
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