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Any suggestions from U.S.A. members ?


#1 by mappo710 » Wed Nov 30, 2016 17:04

I would appreciate any suggestions on Cable providers in the Ohio area . Now I use "Time Warner Cable " and am fed up with them . They keep raising their rates for cable and Internet access . Started out paying $80 / mo. , now it's up to $190/mo , ridiculous ! I can't use "Dish Network " because my credit is not good enough for them . "Time Warner " is "highway robbery " , please help !
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#2 by valerie » Wed Nov 30, 2016 18:29

It depends on what you like to watch.

Here is my suggestions:

1. Netflix Streaming : This is about $10 a month and you have access to older streaming movies, some new streaming movies, some old tv series, some tv series that stay only one or two seasons behind such as Walking Dead, Bates Motel, etc. You also have access to Netflix original movies and Netflix original series. There is also documentaries, etc.

2. Amazon Prime : Now they have a monthly option. However, paying by the year is the best way to go because it is cheaper in the long run, plus you don't have to be concerned with a monthly payment. Amazon has streaming of movies and tv shoes, etc. Amazon also has their own original Amazon movies/series. This cost is about $100 a year. You'll have to look see as I pay by the year and I think they have gone up a tad since my last payment. This is also good if you order products through Amazon because you get free shipping on Amazon prime products. However, if you don't do much shopping there and you need to choose one or the other Netflix or Amazon, choose Netflix.

3. Android Box with Kodi : If you like movies and getting the most recent movies, with a box that has Kodi, you can stream them for free. Also, Kodi has hundreds of channels. There are sports channels, fox, and most popular channels. These box's vary greatly in price. Do your research. Make sure you are reading TRUE REAL REVIEWS. I have 2 Kodi box's.....I call them Kodi box's but they are actually called Android box's. One I paid only $30 for and the other I paid about $50 for it. They are buggy at times but more than worth the cost. In one days watch you've made your money back, so to speak. There is no fees, other than just buying the box.

4. Smart TV or Roku Box: With a Roku box, you have access to add a lot of free channels but the free channels are one's that you probably have not heard of. With Roku, even if you don't have a Smart TV, you can watch Netflix, Amazon, and lots of others.....of course, you do still have to pay for Netflix, etc. When I first started with Roku, I think the box was about $29 and they had few channels. Now they have a lot more and probably over a hundred channels. You get free upgrades. Go to the Roku website, if you are not familiar with it.

5. You can get the Network Channels for free. I guess you probably know that. You'll need the box and you can buy them at Walmart as well as online. There are no fees, just need the box. With the box, you'll get ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and possibly other local stations in your nearby area....such as university channel.

I was at one time paying a lot for tv and the more I researched my options, I really cut back a lot
and I do plan to drop my DISH at some point. You can also optionally pay Netflix for dvd's but you'd
save money by having a KODI box.

I also have an APPLE Box and an RCA Box. I used them a long time ago but don't much at all any more.

So, there is really a wide variety of options and you can save a lot of money.

I actually use the following :

DISH - I cut way back and my monthly bill is now under $57 per month
Netflix - I now only do their streaming (I have did their dvd's in the past) $10 per month
Amazon - I pay yearly but probably averages out to about $10 per month
KODI - $0
Roku - $0 - I have Smart tv's so I don't use the Roku box often but there is a lot of free channels that can be added

So my suggestion to you if your credit is not up to par and you can't go with Amazon and
you can't go with Netflix but you have WIFI, buy a KODI box and buy a box at Walmart
that will allow you to still get your network channels. This way, you'll be out some pocket
money for the box's but you won't have a monthly payment at all.
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#3 by sweetpie3000 » Wed Nov 30, 2016 19:49

Lack of competition in USA. Now att trying buying time warner.
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#4 by mappo710 » Thu Dec 01, 2016 16:51

Thanks so much for all the advise . The only problem I see in all of this is you did not mention ESPN . My husband does most of the T.V. watching and it is mostly sports on ESPN and FOX Sports . Also no mention on internet access . I need internet access , "priority " with any service YI get . Don't really care about movies for lack of time but I do need Internet access and ESPN . "Time Warner " is really becoming a "Big Headache " and a "Joke " ! I hate them and all the commercials they run about how great their service is but not a mention on how "Rip you off " !
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#5 by dutch1898 » Thu Dec 01, 2016 17:01

Reading all those comments I feel so blessed living in the Metro Vancouver BC. area
where we have Telus (my favorite) Shaw,Roger and Bell as the major providers
Not to mention Shomi,Netflix and a host of others.
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#6 by BouldRake » Thu Dec 01, 2016 17:19

It could be worse - here, we only have one company who can deliver broadband but all the other companies think they can, because they can deliver to some of the postcode, but not the rest of it.

It took about a year, of last minute cancellations from dozens of suppliers until I found one who really could provide a service, and I still get junk mail from all the others, who can't deliver a service, even if I wanted one.

So, you might be stuck in a monopoly, but that's better than being stuck in a monopoly and spammed by people who think you have a choice.
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#7 by valerie » Thu Dec 01, 2016 18:34

Well when it comes to internet service, you would need to check what is available in your area.
I couldn't even begin to help you with that and I don't think anyone else here can since they don't
know your home area.

I have DISH for TV viewing but NOT my internet service.

I live in a rural area but I am close to a county school. I have DSL through my local rural area
landline phone service.

No, I did not mention ESPN just like I didn't mention the thousands of channels accessible through

As I did state, you of course would need streaming from the internet in order to use the content
from the tv box's. The exception is the box you can get from walmart to receive the local networks.

I suggest simply checking in your local area to see what is available. It sounds like you don't
want to cut the cord with cable so you might find some other cable companies in your area.
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