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#1 by linphil » Sun Nov 06, 2016 04:02

Hi, I have just been on another PTC site and in their forum they mentioned that Pay Pal are to stop trading with ALL PTC sites. Is this correct. I am very concerned over this as other companies, such as Payza, charge quite a lot for each transaction. Can anyone advise on this please. My appoligise if I have put this post in the wrong section. Thanks. :?:
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#2 by Charez » Sun Nov 06, 2016 04:34

It is only true for the what we can call "hybrid" ptc sites ripping off their members leading to high rate of disputes. Not with the legit companies with a proven records of transactions and financially stable, with a very low rates of disputes.

To makes it short: with the junk sites yeah :D
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#3 by True-Democracy » Sun Nov 06, 2016 04:35

Hi, maybe you should read this thread paypal_limiting_merchant_accounts
I wouldn't worry about it too much, besides i haven't had any of my money senses tingling yet. :thumbup:
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#4 by linphil » Sun Nov 06, 2016 05:07

Yeah, I do feel safe with CS and know that they are above board. However, it's Pay Pal that worries me, they seem to be targeting the wrong people. I guess only time will tell. Happy Days people.
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#5 by Andythemagicaff » Sun Nov 06, 2016 17:07

This is not true. In fact, I always receive my payments through paypal. Even my affiliata partner who helps me earn money through their offerwall pays me through paypal...:)
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#6 by Darkstar2 » Sun Nov 06, 2016 17:57

ClixSense is a US registered company with a business verified account... It might be considered safe and stable, but it is still a PTC that sells a service, so it is bound by some level of risk. Any company online SELLING is bound by risk, it is only a matter of whether PayPal would consider case by case based on transactions history or if they would just take the lazy approach and ban ALL PTCs no matter what.

Of course the hybrid PTC/Revshare/Ponzi model of sites selling bots that is another issue. If PayPal places all sites in the same basket that's another whole different story.

BUX model the highest risk as they rely mostly on ponzi activity, with primary use of self sponsored ads, expensive upgrades and controlled bots, they survive on the ponzi model. An actual REAL PTC survives on selling ads and strictly ads, some RARE exceptions might also add rented referrals to the mix but primarily survive on ads or rewards offers or both.

Payza SUCKS, it is a disgrace of a payment processor in my opinion, with allegedly corrupted roots.

No matter what people say about PayPal, I would never use anything else. Been using PayPal for 12+ years, earned 4 figures with, spent thousands, and never had a single issue.. With Payza ? Issues with their banking partners, issues with their CC partners, terrible, MEDIOCRE support, their alleged affiliation to illicit activities and PONZI HYIP, etc.

No question, I would be gutted if PayPal was no longer a payment method for ClixSense or Neobux.
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#7 by nursemorph » Sun Nov 06, 2016 22:54

Payza does, indeed, suck. I used to use it years ago when I first started online and it went by AlertPay (I liked using it and it was a good processor), then stopped using it for a long time a while after it changed it's name....used it again earlier this year for another site and can't believe how bad it has got, especially the was going to cost me £9 to transfer £30 to my credit card!! (even withdrawing to bank account was extortionate fees). Suffice to say, I quickly used the funds I had in it and then closed down the account and will never even contemplate going near them again...their level of exploiting people makes me ashamed to be in the same country as them!!

Long live Paypal...they may not be the best company in the world and their fees, sometimes, can be a tad high (getting charger £10 to transfer £100 to someone else is a bit much but not excessive) but I've never had an issue with them and they don't charge to withdraw to bank account
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#8 by valerie » Mon Nov 07, 2016 02:18

Well you know, I know them all to a great extent.

We were all knew back then, all focusing on ways to make money online. MLM became the rage and what
people wanted. It was easy and there was no real talk about legalities because there was none.

I met a fellow name Eric online and I can't recall how we met. We would chat over MSN messenger. He may
have been a subscriber of my ezine or perhaps I met him in an MLM program. I forget where he was....Russia
perhaps. His handle was 'divingman' or some such as that. One day I was chatting to Eric and mentioned that
I needed a programmer for new web design of my ugly ezine website. So he tells me about his friend over in the
Ukraine. To make that short, his web designer and I, become very good online friends. He becomes my go to
web designer and every time he needed some money, I would give him a job to do. I always had plenty that
needed done. Plus, he could not use PayPal per se at that time and it was kind of a 3 way street getting the
money to him. I would sent it to Eric which in turn would send it to him.

I don't know which of us met Patel and his buddy, first. Patel would do a little programming. He lived in
Canada and I think his buddy did too at the time. They are both from India. I think his buddy was a better
programmer and Patel was still in the learning phase....some time later, Patel did take night classes at a college
there in Canada to learn programming.

In the mean time, Patel and his buddy would launch simple MLM programs that were often just a tad
pricey for those start up years. There was never a product in those and pricing was around the $40
a month mark...all with forced matrices I might add. I had a large following so they would always contact
me when they were launching a program. Nothing lasted long. I don't know if anything they had lasted
any longer than 5 months during that time frame.

Eventually Patel and his buddy launched a chocolate MLM because his buddy had a chocolate store there
in Canada. My web designer designed it and it was really a sharp looking website. I did not join because
I got mad at Patel. I had hired him to create the software for my coffee company and he screwed it up,
badly. Basically, Eric, My Web designer, and Patel, had a big falling out, you could say. I won't go into
all that. Anyway, the chocolate MLM did not last either, although it was a good concept it had a big flaw.
CHOCOLATE MELTS in warm weather. I knew those that did receive the candy and they all said it was
very good. The problem was they could only ship the chocolate in the cold months. Plus, for the time,
it was pricey.

As the chocolate MLM was failing, along came.....

DOUBLERS. What a rage that was! WOW! That was something else. I decided I wanted in on that
too but I wanted it to be legit because doublers were beginning to get a bad name. Patel had screwed
up the software he created since he really did not know as much about programming as he said he did...
for my coffee company. I got mad at him because I had paid him and my launch was a nightmare. I
had to turn around quickly and pay big money every month for software, move everything over and it
was more than a lost a lot of customers and affiliates. So I launch my doubler and I say
I am going to have a REAL product 'coffee' so that every so many cycles (when they double) they'll
actually be sent coffee. Of course, I couldn't ship coffee around the world so that idea became dead
as a doornail. So my doubler did not last long either but I did not network as some scamsters did. I
just tried it, and it did not pan out, that was it. I did pay everyone as they cycled.....with StormPay.

Don't shoot the messenger but Jim worked for Stormpay in some aspect so that is how he came to
purchase ClixSense on down the road. I really loved Stormpay. I still think of it as the best payment
processor online, ever! Stormpay laid it on the line. They said, more or less, you are responsible for
what you do.....not anyone else. So if you go so far as to join a scam program, that is your problem,
not ours. You deal with whatever it is you have a problem with but don't come running to us just
because you used us to spend your funds on garbage. People like myself really liked that. Here is a
payment processor that is not sticking their nose where it doesn't belong. A payment processor that
is not playing 'find the scam'. A payment processor that is not pointing fingers. There was none of that
junk going on. I won't go any further into that, just saying loved that payment processor and wish it
would have survived the trying times.

So there is a breaking away period in which I sort of break away from the boys. I am busy with my
coffee business. My web designer was to have a bigger part in that but things did not pan out. So
my web designer, Eric, Patel, and I think it was his buddy......the 4 of them get together and launch
a massive doubler. You could just sit there and watch the money roll......cha ching cha ching cha ching.
You could see the names as they doubled.... Susie, Jane, David.....almost as fast as I could type them.
The money was just rushing in like water. Then after thousands had joined.....what happen? Sure...
the doubling began to slow. Where everyone was once praising them on their forum, now they were
screaming for their money.

That was almost the last of what I heard from them but not over completely. Patel's buddy got married
and we had chatted over MSN messenger and he showed me a couple of his wedding pictures. He is
Indian and his wife so I think they moved on back to India. I can't remember his name but when I think
back on it, his buddy may have been his brother.

I didn't communicate with my web designer much any more. He had won the International lottery
in which you put in for America and he and his family moved to the USA. I did do some sound talk
with him over some voice thing online to help pronounce English words ..... but he did/does speak
English fine. His wife and children did not speak English so it was hard on them. Last I heard from
them, they were living in Miami and he some focus in a furniture store.

So Patel comes over MSN messenger one day and wants me to test out a new payment processor
that he is launching. My web designer designed it and it's called 'AlertPay'. I didn't really want to
because I was still mad at Patel for that screwy software he created for my coffee company. I joined
AlertPay and with the exception of him and my web designer, you could say I was their first customer.
So Patel walks me through and wants me to transfer out money so he can show me how they can
send a check, etc. All worked great. In a few days I received the check. I think I did that by way
of an eGold funds transfer to AlertPay and then cash out by check. All worked fine. I guess he thought
I would promote it but I didn't. The only reason why I didn't was because I was mad at him and because
I kind of felt like it wouldn't fly and because they didn't let me in on what they were doing. They didn't
rub my back so I didn't rub there's.

I never used AlertPay much at all and I usually advised against it. Patel started telling everyone that
it was not his. He said it was his brother's. The reason being was because Patel is or at least was, in
Canada. So he couldn't say that AlertPay was his due to some sort of Canadian regulation. His brother
being in India, I think it was, could. So they put it in his brother's name.

Sure, I got mad at him. I wasn't perfect either. So in all honestly, back then, we were all just trying
to create a business online and make money. None of us was focused on screwing anyone over. It's
almost like when people discovered countries years ago.....a new land....a new start up, a new way to
begin life, a new business. It was all so new that there really wasn't any law and everyone was trying
to figure out the best way to do things.

Patel was self taught at first, more or less and then he worked taking night classes at a college some
where in Canada to learn programming. When he completed that, he saw the issues with Stormpay
and the lack of payment processors online and the way he could make a ton of money and that is how
AlertPay came to be. So in all honesty, I can't call him a scamster. It's just the way Payza is due to
the various country regulations and such. I am not sure but I don't think Patel ever had a HYIP. If
he did that was before I ever knew him. He may have joined and promoted one, but didn't we all
back then? He did in fact, have useless MLM's he and his buddy created and the massive doubler.
I wouldn't dare cut them slack on that doubler because they had to known that would slow and stall
eventually and lots of people lost lots of money.

That's how it all came to be.
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#9 by BouldRake » Mon Nov 07, 2016 03:19

Payza was pretty good when it was still Alertpay. I've still got my Alertpay Visa card. It only worked a few months, but it didn't technically expire until last year. I enjoyed being able to add it to PayPal. I never used it through PayPal, but it was attached to my account - it made me snicker to know how easy it was to fund PayPal with AlertPay, even though they didn't allow that kind of thing, and it was all their fault.
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#10 by lilapopo » Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:34

I don't understand any of what ya'll are talking about but I have a concern about whether or not I will receive a check in the mail or not. Should I change my account to be paid by paypal and if so, how do I do that?
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#11 by Charez » Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:47

@ lilapopo no need to change anything in your account.
The topic is about payal cleaning their house with the junk ptc sites
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#12 by True-Democracy » Mon Nov 07, 2016 15:50

After reading Valerie's loooooong post i suddenly have a craving for chocolate :P
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#13 by valerie » Mon Nov 07, 2016 16:42

One reason why I do that some times 'CatMonster' is so that someone may remember the internet
history. Some day, ole Valerie may not be around. Alertpay now Payza may be gone or even turn
into something else. The Patel brothers may be gone.

Take someone 16 years old at this moment. What stories will he recall about internet startups,
40, 50 or even 60 years from now? Who will relay the correct information?

Well, there you have it. Just a very small chunk of a tiny corner online, came to be.
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#14 by True-Democracy » Mon Nov 07, 2016 17:03

Thanks Valerie, your long post was indeed an interesting read ;)
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