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the server restarts before the right time!


#1 by Edsduh » Thu Oct 06, 2016 00:20

It's a farce! There was only one task for me to complete the list, the task appeared only seven minutes before midnight. OK. I made fast one task and completes missing 10 seconds to midnight and when I saw the server had already restarted ahead of time and did I lose 3 days full list. There's nothing right here?
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#2 by valerie » Thu Oct 06, 2016 00:30

Server time has nothing to do with you completing a task. Members are logged in and
receive the credit for whatever they are doing no matter if the cron runs or not.

PS. The cron runs at exactly 11:00 pm central time zone, every night on auto-pilot and it did tonight because I was watching for the time change so I could click in the grid and get it over with.
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#3 by Sarge25 » Thu Oct 06, 2016 00:59

If that task hadn't appeared 7 minutes before midnight, what would you have done? :?

That's probably beside the point, I know but I guess what I'm saying is maybe trying to complete something on the checklist so last minute or so last 7 minutes isn't such a good idea. It's a strong probability you won't complete it in time if there isn't much available within the hour to midnight.

I've done it a few times and found that out myself trying to find a second offer or something. :mrgreen:

I do agree with Valerie here, it reset exactly on the hour. As soon as my time hit 5:00 the notification box appeared.
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#4 by Edsduh » Thu Oct 06, 2016 23:34

What I mean is the following ...
yesterday the server did not restart exactly 00:00! And yes 10 seconds before and it hurt me because I was doing the CrowdFlower the task of confirming the authors of articles and this is very quick to do and when finished doing I saw the time on ClixSense and missing 10 seconds had already restarted the server and therefore did not record my task done in checklist that day, recorded after it had restarted the server but then I already did I lose the Daily Checklist Bonus for only lacked one task to do.
This is very stressful even missing 1 day 3 to win the bonus of 3 days.

Today I'll be watching the clock of the server is going to do the same!
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#5 by BouldRake » Thu Oct 06, 2016 23:37

It sounds like one of you isn't synced with an NTP's probably you.
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#6 by tasman1 » Thu Oct 06, 2016 23:55

It is normal for CF to credit a bit latter ... usualy up to 2 min

you can not do task or some surveys like CINT last second and be paid instant
CrowdFlower the task of confirming the authors of articles takes 30 to 90 second
Short , your fault
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