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#1 by hansgruber » Sat Jul 23, 2016 03:30

is not worth it anymore. every dollar i earn buys less than the dollar a lot of other people earn, and thats always been the case but now those dollars are becoming extremely hard to get. ive had a feeling for a while that this site was getting worse and now its got to a stage where its almost pointless.

its been mostly ok up until a few weeks ago when i did a signup offer that i deposited money for and was never credited back. when i used to contact admin about anything like this it would be resolved within a few days at most but this one was replied very quickly and it was a generic response 'we cant help you with external offerwall stuff etc' as soon as i got that reply i knew this site was done for. i have effectively had money stolen from me in your arena and you dont give a shit because you have to do work to get it back for me. brilliant. :thumbup:

now the largest router has gone but yoursurveys thinks that clixsense members are still going to do their surveys for amoeba sized crumbs - and clixsense must have agreed, they cant not have otherwise the surveys just wouldnt be there. oh and 2 days ago i got stiffed on a GTM survey that clixsense has recorded as completed, but when they replied to my ticket they said they couldnt credit me because they hadnt been credited either.

clixsense really has become a dead horse
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#2 by valerie » Sat Jul 23, 2016 07:49

Although someone locked your topic, I thought I would reply.

First of all, I understand your frustration when it comes to doing surveys and even offers can
be a booger some times. It's very aggravating to spend time doing something and either not
be paid for it or complete it and then it be reversed.

However, you're really confusing the reality here.

The reality is, members can make more money at ClixSense now than ever before in years

You need to keep in mind, that ClixSense does not have the funds to reach in their pocket
and pay members money that they are not receiving themselves. Could you do it? Could
you reach in your pocket and give a hundred people ten dollars each without receiving a
dime yourself?

ClixSense does not own the survey companies and you know that. ClixSense has no
baring on what other companies do. All ClixSense can do is implement more ways for
members to make money, and they have done that with offers, surveys, tasks, videos.

NEVER throw in the towel. I've done it and I lose every time. Every time. So don't
do it. You never know what is coming around the corner or when new legitimate ways
to earn will be implemented or when better surveys will arise, etc.

Cool off. Stop doing surveys by those companies that are least for awhile.
Focus on placing that time in advertising to gain referrals.
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