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General question about tasks


#1 by imab99 » Wed Apr 13, 2016 09:51

Tasks are fascinating, basically due to the thrill of waiting for your accuracy level and watch it increase and decrease according to what were the expectations of the task author(s) about the correct answers. It’s like a game where you can only play if you win.

But I have a question, a very basic one.

The quiz mode is understandable, the task author has verified the correct answers and expects a full match.
But what about work mode?
How are correct and incorrect answers evaluated in work mode?

I mean, let’s take a simple example, like transcribing information from a receipt, as in Walmart’s and Kroger’s and Meijer’s. If the correct answers (figures) are already known by the TA/system so as to correct the workers’ input, why is this input needed at all? Are workers being paid just to confirm what has already been entered in the system?

Why am I being paid to tell someone what he/she already knows?
PS.: I included this in 'General Talk' so as not to disrupt the always busy 'Tasks' forum :--)
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#2 by mkpit » Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:29

I guess ,they use those records for multiple purposes like minding ,analysis , prediction ,stats etc and for every work they need a whole new but same duplicate set of records author fills one record manually and uses that to evaluate contributors work and contributors do the rest work....

Why don't they just copy same record over and over again.
Not sure but I guess ,it's not trust able or may be the software they are using is not supportable for this .
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#3 by valerie » Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:39

I don't know and can only guess because I don't do tasks.

It may not be about what they already know as to wanting to know how easy
or difficult it is for others to know or how long it takes someone to locate the
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#4 by greenrainqa » Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:58

I think you should post this in task thread, you will get many answers, I know the answer, but I am not very good at explaining things with someone else's perspective.

I was just like you when I started doing the tasks, its really addictive, You will just get better and better at it as you go on. :thumbup:
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