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What its Te FEAR of Automatic Payments?


#1 by Hodusty » Tue Apr 12, 2016 20:17

I wanna to open this thread to to know the point of Jim, and the family of CS about this subject. What are the reasons for not implement this type of system. And the opinions of the members. So lest Talk.
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#2 by Charez » Tue Apr 12, 2016 20:19

Secret sauce of :clixsense:

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#3 by Hodusty » Tue Apr 12, 2016 20:25

charez wrote: Secret sauce of :clixsense:


And what not a combination of both, control and automatization. Like One day of cashouts per week but automatic. Were the system keep record of every transaction, them you have all week to do the proper auditing of the system.
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#4 by zegon » Tue Apr 12, 2016 20:26

Will probably be nice with an instant payment, but i do not think it is needed, think it works well with the payment method is now available.

I have no hurry to get paid, so I can easily wait 5 working day's without problems.
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#5 by sp1915 » Tue Apr 12, 2016 20:26

Well you do know? Jim has said that there will be no change from how cashouts are being done now.
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#6 by Hodusty » Tue Apr 12, 2016 20:37

sp1915 wrote: Well you do know? Jim has said that there will be no change from how cashouts are being done now.

yes. just like the title says "why?" and in that messages he actualy says he have a busy life. and have alot of responsibilities so why not to improve in a system a litlle more automatic whit high human control. he could have more free time to improve in others buissnes.
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#7 by jjohnson777 » Tue Apr 12, 2016 20:48

1st Lose lot of money to cheaters one my friends lost $40,000 when he had instant e-gold payments people find ways to increase balance by hacking site than request pay
2nd To counter reason 1 need increase security very much which get honest people. than spend even more time research why banned and undo bans.

So might as well have human review them as nothing beats that.
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#8 by valerie » Wed Apr 13, 2016 00:25

Because he has common sense, that is why.

I could name programs that do auto cash outs and I can tell you why
they have no real issue with them. So, without naming names, here
is some reasons why some use it:

1. Some programs do auto cash outs because they don't know what
they are doing. That is also why those programs don't last long and
they're not about to tell you how ignorant they were.

2. They have a slow payment system and they can see who is ready
to cash out and check these before the member even clicks the cash

3. They take in bookoo dollars because they sell and/or rent referrals.
They can stand to be cheated but here again, some of these are
consistently reviewed before the member ever hits the cash out

4. They say cash outs are auto but not all are. In other words, some
do take some minutes to some hours.

5. There are other reasons.

Jim doesn't do it because he wants to keep a legitimate anti-cheat
system in place. In so doing, more advertisers prefer to advertise
at ClixSense and that means more money for members and more
quality advertising for advertisers.

I really don't mean to be rude, I am just blunt and forthright. The
thing is, everyone here that is honest and not cheating the system,
has always been paid and always will be paid. Most get paid within
a week or two of their payout request. You should all be thrilled that
he manually reviews payments for cheaters. There are plenty of
programs that go down hill and even shut down, simply due to
hackers and cheaters. I know what a pain it is to have members
constantly telling you what to do.....constantly wanting everything
under the sun implemented, everything the way they want
member wanting one thing and another wanting something totally
different and a thousand so called experts that have never programmed
anything in their life but tell admins how easy it would be to do this
and that.

I just wish members would stay off his butt because one day he sure
might tire of the nonsense and sell this program to someone that will
only pay out every 45 days and only after a member has accumulated

Some just don't realize a good thing til it's gone.
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