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Vivian Maier


#1 by valerie » Sat Mar 26, 2016 22:16

Anyone familiar with Vivian Maier?

If you get the chance to watch the documentary, do so.

I guess she was a hoarder but she had artistic talent.
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#2 by Charez » Sun Mar 27, 2016 19:32

I have not see the documentary but i have read some articles about her, and see some of her great photos. i feel like she had something to hide, i find her story a bit strange. But what do you mean by a hoarder
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#3 by valerie » Sun Mar 27, 2016 20:22

charez wrote: I have not see the documentary but i have read some articles about her, and see some of her great photos. i feel like she had something to hide, i find her story a bit strange. But what do you mean by a hoarder

I don't think she had anything to hide. I just think she was a lonely person with no
real family and behavior that would range on a borderline psychological problem, to
say the least.

Hoarding is associated with people that are very collective with their possessions.

A hoarder is an extremest with their possessions and often go out of their way to
collect more stuff.

Hoarders suffer from some type of anxiety that initiated the act of hoarding.

Hoarders some times only collect every day possessions, rarely throwing out any
thing but the trash. In very extreme cases, hoarders prefer to live in filth before
daring to throw out food that has gone bad, their trash, etc.

There is a rather sorted variety of hoarders. You have heard of the 'cat lady'.
There are people that are pet hoarders, usually cats or dogs, rarely both. Their
home is filthy and over run with hundreds of dogs or cats. This is of course, bad
for the animals too.

I'll give you a recent example of a hoarder that doesn't even appear to be a hoarder...
it is my ex-brother in law that recently passed away. He was a very intelligent man,
graduated from university in computer science. After graduation he accepted a job
at John Hopkins University located in the state of Maryland. He rented a small apartment
near work. He purchased a new expensive car. Every day, he went to work. He was
primarily a computer programmer. He was very outgoing and had many friends. He
gained many interests and hobbies. He was very active. He was always going some
where on vacations....he would travel to Ireland, Germany, etc. His sister lived in
another state some great distance Mississippi and the rest of his family in Kentucky
and Tennessee. He was the one always doing the visiting. He came in to see family
at holidays, Christmas, etc. One time he took his father with him to Ireland. The
only family to ever see his apartment and visit him in Maryland......was my ex husband
and the three times he was there, it was very brief. As years passed by my ex brother
in law never purchased another car. He drove the same car almost all his life. He made
over $100,000 a year. No one thought much of it. After all, who needs a new car in the
big city! He never married, never had children. One evening he did not show up for work.
His friends at work knew that was odd especially since he did not show up for a dinner
the night before.....and as his friends would say, he never passed up a meal. After two
days, a couple of his friends went to his apartment and there was no answer. They went
to the apartment manager and she unlocked the door. He was found dead in his bed,
clothing a waste can. He died of a heart attack.

So now you are reading a book...... :lol: It is a good way for me to explain however, the
varying types of hoarders. His friends that had gone to his apartment over the years, had
rarely gone past the living room area. Now deceased, it was very apparent that he was a
hoarder. He was not the type of hoarder than did not wash the dishes or not take out the
trash, but he was a hoarder none the less. They almost had a tough time removing his
body because one could barely get into his bedroom door. He had stacks and stacks of
box's, papers, old computers, books, etc. It actually took weeks to go through all his
belongings. Over 80% of it being nothing more than useless junk. Every receipt he had
ever received from anything, was there it seemed.

It was very shocking. Shocking to me. Shocking to his family. At the same time, it was
like a light bulb had gone off. That's why he did not buy a new car......thats why he seldom
had friends over to his apartment.....that's why.......etc.

He left a small fortune behind but his possessions were primarily garbage and not even
worth selling.

Vivian was a hoarder. She also appears to me to have had a compulsive disorder. At
at least one stage in her life she collected newspapers. She was a nanny and she told
her then employer that she wanted to cut articles from the papers but she hadn't got
around to it. She had such a huge amount of newspapers that her apartment floor
became sunk in. The act of collecting such a huge amount of newspapers is a display
of hoarding. She was very compulsive with her much so that she
took photos of everything and had box's and box's of film that had never been processed.
She never even saw most the pictures that she had taken. In addition, she had tons
of negatives.

She spoke with a French accent but sort of broken. Some tried to say she wasn't really
from France at all. After much research, it was found she was born in New York but her
mother was from France. It turns out that she did, at least in some of her younger years,
travel from the USA to France to live with her mother at times in Saint-Bonnet-en-Champsaur.

It was also said by some that knew her and her employers that Vivian appeared to like
bazaar stuff......such as newspapers that listed murders. One woman that had Vivian
as her nanny had said Vivian was mean to her and had hit her at times.

So it appears Vivian really had some hang ups but why, who knows. I would guess that
it had something to do with her upbringing, her mother, whomever her father was....and
also Vivian hated men....or at least any time of loving relationship.

One of my favorite photographs she took and I have it posted on my Facebook, is of
what appears to be a homeless man but could be a worker on a lunch break. It's a
remarkable photo.

Her photography is outstanding and with many very amazing photographs. It's sad that
she lived her life without any such recognition of her work.
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