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Would you vote for Donald trump for President?


Donald trump for president?

Poll ended Thu Apr 21, 2016 08:26  »  Voted by 205 members  »  Single-choice

#241 by tasman1 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 06:20

slow down folks,,,,,, take a glass of red wine , take a look at nice girls , or boys walking past your window ..... life is to short to waste a time on fight
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#242 by pindokhan123 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 06:39

tasman my friend i havent got an issue ,its proAd,,it seems he don't like incorrect grammer, no shortcuts to words ,punctuation in the right places etc,sorry to say i aint no posh swot to fullfil his desires :D ...................the topic here is trumps presidency not my grammer?

weirdo or what :shock:
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#243 by papamike51 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 08:20

tasman1 wrote: WHO WILL WIN ... Trumpet ,Muppet or Crumpet,,, nothing will change , USA Empire is at the end , red this and maybe you can see USA in this post

What are some key signs of decline and end of Empire

What are some common features of an empire's culture in its declining period?

1. Rampant sexual immorality, an aversion to marriage in favor of “living together” and an increased divorce rate all combine to undermine family stability. This happened among the upper class in the late Roman Republic and early Empire. The first-century writer Seneca once complained about Roman upper-class women: “They divorce in order to re-marry. They marry in order to divorce.”

The birthrate declines, and abortion and infanticide both increase as family size is deliberately limited. The historian W.H. McNeill has referred to the “biological suicide of the Roman upper classes” as one reason for Rome's decline. Homosexuality becomes publicly acceptable and spreads, as was the case among the ancient Greeks before Rome conquered them.

2. Many foreign immigrants settle in the empire's capital and major cities. The mixture of ethnic groups in close proximity in these cosmopolitan places inevitably produces conflicts.

Because of their prominent locations within the empire, their influence greatly exceeds their percentage of the population. Here diversity plainly leads to divisiveness.

We see this today in the growing conflict in European countries such as France and the Netherlands, where large numbers of immigrants are stoking violent cultural clashes. German chancellor Angela Merkel recently made headlines when she stated that attempts to create a multicultural society had “utterly failed” and immigrants must do more to integrate into society.

3. Both irresponsible pleasure-seeking and pessimism increase among the people and their leaders. The spirit described in 1 Corinthians 15:32 spreads throughout society: “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die!”

As people cynically give up looking for solutions to the problems of life and society, they drop out of the system. They then turn to mindless entertainment, to luxuries and sexual activity, and to drugs or alcohol.

The astonishingly corrupt and lavish parties of the Roman Empire's elite are a case in point. The Emperor Nero, for instance, would spend the modern equivalent of $500,000 for just the flowers at some banquets.

4. The government provides extensive welfare for the poor. In the case of the city of Rome, which had perhaps 1.2 million people around A.D. 170

I agree. In fact I was just reading a book on the exact thing you listed above. The author was speaking about the decline of Europe. In case you're interested, it's called "America Alone" by Mark Steyn. Offers some prophetic insights into the decaying world as we know it.
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#244 by valerie » Thu Apr 21, 2016 08:26

This forum and all within it is owned by ClixSense.

Bashing others and name calling is against the rules.

If you can't post as adults in a sensible fashion, than you shouldn't post at all.

Topic Closed.
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#245 by papamike51 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 08:29

pindokhan123 wrote: hey papamika,,get your facts right and read my posts with your eyes wide open ok.
who'sinsulting here?
more like you the one insulting ok,fact one.
fact 2-------7/11 inside job ,colaboration of American and Israeli government,you not only killed innocent Americans but went as far as to attack other countries,shame!

Way of life in every country can be good or bad,terrorist activities are verywhere from day one....America loves dropping bombs on Japan,attacking innocent civilians in the middle-east,,,poking their nose into other countries affairs,,if you would stop interfering and consider sorting your own problems out first,then maybe we would be in less of a rut than we are in today.

Dont pinpoint a finger at Pakistan ok,even tho im British and working here, Pakistan itself is a beautiful country its just the fundamental minority that degrades it as a whole.

Just like in America the majority of Americans are lovely kind ppl,i have American friends,tons of them,its the government im talking abt here ok andi never insult any country only those that cause problems within it.
you say attacks on India,,haha,what abt innocent civilians killed on the kashmir borders here,who gives a hoot,you?

All you see is pak ,pak ,pak.................get outta that bubble that you are living in and face the real world ok,Pakistan isnt a global problem,global problem is where goverments love sticking der oars in2 countries where they are not welcome,,,,got my hint mate,or you want more?

As for fact 2, am I correct in assuming you meant 9/11? And what proof do you have that this was a collaboration of the American and Israeli governments besides the flapping jaws of the conspiracy threorists which have already been debunked.
As for Japan, well, those 2 atomic bombs saved countless lives, both American as well as Japanese. It certainly ended the war, didn't it?
Pakistani terrorists attack Mumbai, Indian terrorists retaliate. Making them no better than the Pakis.
What is the quality of life for the average Paki? Not as good as America's poor, I'll wager.
As for poking our noses into other countries? Gee, I didn't hear too many complaints when the US showed up to assist when Pakistan had the earthquakes a few years ago.

But you are correct in saying that every country has it's good points and it's bad points. In American, it isn't against the law to be gay. Freedom of religion is more tolerated than in any Islamic country. But you're correct, we do have our bad points. We tend to feel the need to help other countries when they are desperate.
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