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At ClixSense. How to earn $390,625.00 per year.


#41 by proadco » Tue Jun 16, 2015 02:53

TigerHeart wrote: Very funny.

I'm asking you to show YOUR referrals' statistics and your achievement that you've achieved in the affiliate program..
At least, that way people will be motivated by this theory.. Otherwise it will remain only as a theory and not as a practically achievable thing...

@ TigerHeart

My bad. I should of asked early on if you have a learning disability. :roll: :$ :oops:
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#42 by dave2319 » Tue Jun 16, 2015 04:09

proadco wrote: @ TigerHeart
My bad. I should of asked early on if you have a learning disability. :roll: :$ :oops:

Proadco, I was going to make one or two other points in here, but seeing as you're making comments like that I won't bother. Not that it's anyone's loss of course. In fact it's saved us all some time, but I think insults like that are unacceptable.
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#43 by hyldig » Tue Jun 16, 2015 04:12

To use your own words Teaacher , if you did sutch a great home work why not show it in public for the students . We are still waiting to see those statistics . :silent:
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#44 by valerie » Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:25

I think there are some good points made in this topic by everyone.

ClixSense displays information concerning the various ways members may be able to earn here.
ClixSense absolutely does not state any where that members will earn anything at all.
Earnings are based on each members work.

In regards to marketing the opportunity here, that is up to each member as long as it doesn't
go against ClixSense rules. In other words, some members might focus more on the level
system opportunity whereas others might focus on the various ways to earn....offers, viewing
ads, tasks, etc.

A lot of marketing truly depends on the choir you are preaching to. If you are attempting to
recruit Donald Trump, good luck. If you are attempting to recruit a big recruiter, you would
certainly want to explain the level system in detail. If you are attempting to recruit the
average internet user that is looking to make some extra money, you would certainly want
to explain in detail the various options to making money.

PERSONALLY, I'd prefer to say it ALL. Reason being, you don't, as a norm, know where or
when, traffic is coming from NOR what it is exactly that traffic wants. I would suggest
giving some detail about each and every way there is to earn money at CllixSense.

IF you want to focus on earning only from the level system and stress on your sites to
focus on sponsoring 5 and upgrading 5, more power to you. I'm afraid however, you
may become sorely disappointed. People do become discouraged very quickly when
they can't sponsor.....and it is this very fact that makes ClixSense a wonderful opportunity
for most people.....because they can still make very good extra money without
sponsoring anyone at all.

Topic Closed.....because it's getting a little nasty in here.
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