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Has anyone heard of or used a team building site?


#1 by pirowette » Sat Oct 19, 2013 19:01

I do not want to make a bad mistake and am wondering if anyone has ever used any type of team building site for getting direct referrals on ClixSense. I came across one today that does not charge anything but uses the team approach to help everyone get referrals by using a matrix system. I would appreciate any info that anyone would have on this.
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#2 by Eddie267 » Sat Oct 19, 2013 19:03

Mostly the team leader just benefits themselves and leave the people they said they were going to help under them but not help them at all getting referrals.
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#3 by Maliky » Sun Oct 20, 2013 00:34

I recently stumbled upon a site that has already helped be to get more referrals than I have ever had before (i.e. one was added to my 'downline' on the second day after I joined) but I suspect that putting a link to the site in the forums breaches the T.O.S. for ClixSense.

My experience of 'banner exchanges' that are free to join is that they are populated by people like me, which is to say that they are there clicking on banners merely to get exposure for their own banner and have no interest whatsoever in actually joining sites/programmes that other banners are promoting!

I would have to say that building a downline is simply a matter of 'hit & miss' with there being a lot more missing than there is hitting.

:( :? :(
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#4 by valerie » Sun Oct 20, 2013 09:28

To me, it's just common sense and always has been but obviously, it is not for everyone and that is....

Having some tools and doing your own thing, that is going to get you referrals above and beyond
anything else online.

It's been this way for 20 years that I know of. The age old question, where do I get referrals, how
do I get referrals, is a downline club a good way to get referrals is a team site a good way to get
referrals, etc etc etc.

The question that comes out of my mouth is, what do you mean by good?

No matter what it is, you're usually going to have to dish out something in order to gain the referrals
and that may be work/promoting something or it may be money for advertising/rotator, etc.

A downline club and/or a team programs is not going to get you referrals. You have to do something.
You would have to promote the downline club or team site in order to gain referrals to it and then
hopefully those referrals will join ie ClixSense directly from your link. And/Or, you have to dish out
money to the downline club or team site, to be entered into a rotator or some sort of advertising.

When the general population use programs like ClixSense to make money, there are always those
that would like to make more, have referrals etc. However, they for the most part, don't want to
strategize and dish out a little money to do so.

That's what I taught for years online. How to take the leap, strategize, and make more money
by not going to the bank to do it.

I'll just leave you with this, no matter what you are advertising, no matter what you are focusing
on building, you need to do your own thing, not someone else's. You need your own tools, your
own pages, your own hosting, etc. Stop putting other peoples stuff first. When those other peoples
stuff disappears, guess what, you're outta of business!
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#5 by pirowette » Sun Oct 20, 2013 10:00


Great response and thank you for opening some eyes. So far all the answers are great and yes you are correct. I guess doing one's own thing does work out for the best!
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