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My Tips & Suggestions on How to Get Referrals!


#1 by ptcchamp » Wed May 29, 2013 15:16

Hi There Forum Members

A few minutes ago I answered this in a thread asked by a member called 'Tamilgirl88' but decided to have a separate thread that would help the forum members & my team members on getting quality referrals. Now I am always open to critique and quality suggestions so you are most welcome to share in your views and insights...

Let me begin by making it clear that you won't get referrals on the click of a finger but it is a slow but steady process for which you have to work towards as only then will you be able to get quality referrals who will be ACTIVE and benefit you in your earnings!

There are basically 2 methods:-
1. Free - No Cost Incurred To You!
2. Investment - From Your Pocket!

Lets take the FREE method then that can be further categorized into the following:-

a) Write an article or a blog!

Writing a Blog or an Article is not everyone cup of tea or coffee but it is the best way to attract quality referrals and a large number of visitors who are searching for very much the same thing that you are advertising or talking about. Write about ClixSense, your reason for joining, the forum, the site and how you can earn from it. Providing proof of your earnings also helps very much with people for who seeing is believing. Finally, don't forget to add your referral link and use quality keywords that can pull your Blog or Article up in the Google searches but it does take time so you would need to be very patient. Then submit your Blog or Article to various FREE Blog & Article websites.

Here are the TOP 10 Article Directories:
1. The Free Library
2. EzineArticles
3. ArticlesBase
4. GoArticles
5. Article Dashboard
6. Article City
7. Article Alley
8. Article Factory
9. WryteStuff
10. Internet Marketing News Watch

b) Promote your ClixSense link on Traffic Exchanges!

This has been another quite popular way of promoting the ClixSense website referral link and it does help bring in some referrals who are looking to make some extra income through the Internet. Well, the question you would ask is then what are these websites precisely. Simple! When you visit a website of a member of this website then you earn credits. These accumulated credits can then be allocated to your website which would enable your website be viewed by other members of that website. What you need to know is that these traffic exchange websites have a 20 second timer, some may have even more or less but the concept remains the same. NOTE: You can again invest from you pocket to buy credits if you don't want to sit and surf websites!!!

Here are some Traffic Exchange Websites:

1. EasyHits4U
2. TrafficEra
3. SmileyTraffic
4. Traffic Swarm
5. AdlandPro
6. Start Exchange
7. Web Biz Insider
8. Top Surfer
9. Traffic G
10. Hit Safari
11. Traffic Pods
12. TS25

c) Spread the word out to your friends & family members!

Spread the word out! No Harm Done! Begin by sending out an e-mail or message to your friends and family members asking them if they would be interested in making money over the Internet through a genuine, scam free method. Then show them some evidence of your earnings (if any) or of members who have been earning from ClixSense to show that it really works. Remember, they trust you so be honest with them when you invite them to join!

d) Post a self made video on Youtube!

This is a really nice way to get your word out on the internet world, and if you are creative then you can really put your creative juices to work in creating a wonderful video for viewers to view and join ClixSense through your referral link. A word of advice, be original and don't copy or use copyright material as that would leas to your account being permanently closed. What's more then go ahead and look for videos with the same niche and comment on them, leaving your ClixSense referral link!

e) Use the power of the Social Networks!

Now this one is self-explanatory! Go ahead and pass on the word by leaving your ClixSense referral link on your own Facebook Page, Twitter or MySpace pages! Create a Page with the banners and links and ask your network to Join in but don't SPAM your link all over their pages as it would get you BANNED!!!


Then comes the INVESTMENT method in which you would need to be willing to part with some personal funds from your pocket:-

a) Advertise on PTC Websites!

I am a personal fan of this as it does cost but you need to be selective of which PTC websites you would select to advertise your link or banners so as to attract quality active referrals. Remember, some of the TOP PTC Websites such as Neobux & Probux already showcase websites that advertise links and banners of members but there is a queue for the space available. These are the ones that I would recommend and they are doing well for me but there are many more PTC websites that you can go ahead, register and advertise your link.

Good ones i would suggest would be:

1. New Paying Sites
2. Top10-PTC

Word of Advice: Don't use PTSU (Paid to sign ups) as they are in only for your money and not for the long run so they won't benefit you but would only be waste of your money.

b) Advertise on the Internet through the major advertising websites!

Advertising using Google Adwords can be a bit expensive unless you are willing to spend a BIG amount or have a BIG budget for advertising but you need to do your homework with keywords. You could also try adding your ClixSense referral link with a short description on the FEATURED Ads section on EXACTSEEK search website and its partner websites: Costs approximately $12 for 3 months with your selected keyword search term!

c) Advertise through the Social Network Websites!

Finally, once again then you can use the Social Networks of which Facebook Advertising is very popular and you can set a budget to advertise you Clixsense Referral Link!

Well, I hope the above helps everyone who are in search of ways to get referrals. I am always ready to assist and am also trying to help my team members too as well to build their team so that we can all mutually benefit!

Anyway, I wish you all of you the best of luck in your ClixSense Journey!

Cheers & God Bless!

Ptcchamp! :)
(In the making)
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#2 by impanjtani » Thu May 30, 2013 20:04

:) Hi , nice to meet , have a good day , thanks for sharing info , it really will be very helpful for all members , :thumbup: :thumbup: :clixsense: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
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#3 by juebufangq » Fri Jun 21, 2013 08:20

thank you for your sharing, i will try it
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#4 by pvh » Fri Jun 21, 2013 21:15

@ptcchamp nice job friend. thanks for sharing :clap:
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#5 by bahroels » Fri Jun 21, 2013 21:41

Thanks for the useful information.
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#6 by JeEtrOck700 » Sun Jul 07, 2013 08:52

Great Information Keep It Up:)
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#7 by horserider » Sun Jul 07, 2013 12:01

thanks for sharing the information ,it was great
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#8 by ponmanipons » Thu Jul 11, 2013 09:06

HI guys,
I have a doubt i m new to this ptc clixsense . Using my refferal link my friend had sign up to clixsense . But it was not showing my friend's name in "My refferal" and also no money is not credited for my refferal . Can any one clear my doubt....
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#9 by sp1915 » Thu Jul 11, 2013 09:08

ponmanipons wrote: HI guys,
I have a doubt i m new to this ptc clixsense . Using my refferal link my friend had sign up to clixsense . But it was not showing my friend's name in "My refferal" and also no money is credited for my refferal . Can any one clear my doubt....

ClixSense will only show a referral in your downline that has activated their account. This means that someone you referred may have signed up under you but not be shown in your downline until they complete their profile.

If you have your account setup to send new referral notifications you will get a notice that your referral has signed up but until they activate their account they will not be shown under you. To check your account settings login and go to the Profile and Settings link.

Another issue could be that this person clicked another members referral link after clicking yours. This would set a new cookie and they would then become the referral of the last affiliate URL they clicked.
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