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Jars/Canisters for Nothing


#1 by valerie » Wed Aug 22, 2012 19:09

I'm a jar freak! :lol:

My grandfather was a trash man, most his life. Retired from the trash department up by Chicago.
I some times wonder if that is why I have this seemingly uncontrollable passion for jars.
In our basement, he had tables in which, were full of jars. Yes, jars he collected from the....trash.
No, he did not dig in the trash for jars. :mrgreen:
Keep in mind, this was mainly back in the 50's and 60's and many women would sit their empty
jars in box's out in the allys for the trash man to carry off. He mainly collected odd looking jars,
jars that were unique in some way. I sure wish I had them and I have no idea what happen to
them. I suppose someone did not realize the same passion as he did....

Until now.

It seems to be a big fad as you can look online and find gobs of decorating ideas with jars.
Also, if you look around, you'll see that jars can add up to a very significant expense.

Maybe more importantly is, IF you know how, you can decorate hugely with JARS.

I thought I would share some ideas for you and how you can get jars for nothing!

-If you go to walmart stores, you'll notice the large cans and jars of food items. Walmart sells
the very large jars of VLASSIC PICKLES. These are glass jars and you're buying the product.
DON'T throw that jar away. Some of the large vlassic jars are very cool because they have a
lot of writing and even measurements. After you have finished the product, wash the jar.
Take the lid and scuff it lightly with sand paper. Then spray paint the lid any color you want.
You can also spray paint the glass jar by using a simple rust preventive paint such as
'rust oleum' spray paint. You can do this with multiple jars. Paint the lids different colors,
line them up on your shelf, and you've got some nice storage or display jars.

A good spray paint for MASON jars, is silver. Take mason jars, spray paint them with rust oleum
or some sort of rust prevention paint, in silver. The words on the jars will stand out and look
very pretty. You can even use these as flower vases.

What do you buy at the grocery that comes in glass jars?

You can decorate the jars in many ways and use them to store things like thread, marbles,
candy, and more. I have some that I hot glued with jute. Ya, I took hot glue and wrapped
jute around the jars for candle holders. I've also glittered jars, painted, decorated in many

Next time you start to throw a jar away....think about it....why be wasteful when you can
save money, be creative, and make something unique?
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