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Warning ! About an advertizer that I know!


#1 by Darkstar2 » Fri Feb 24, 2012 21:43

If there is anybody here who has been following the HYIP industry a lot the past years you will remember the infamous name Richard O'Neil. The guy ran countless matrix / ponzi HYIP and especially poker HYIP claiming he used your money to play poker professionally and make huge returns. This guy is infamous for running the same scams under the same name again every few months or years. He is exposed on many forums like talkgold and hyip monitors. He has run sites like jpdaily, investproker, richyinvest and many many many more. You can read a whole encyclopedia online about Richard O'Neil scams.

The purpose of my post is to INFORM and warn people about something I found out. It is up to you to judge, I just want to provide factual evidence.

Sites called basebucks and mytrafficvalue are run by the SAME individual(s) (could more more than 1) that runs investproker (one of many scam poker HYIP sites out there.) There is factual evidence / proof out there, PM me if you want the details. I have warned support about this and provided them the evidence they can check for themselves.

Even though he has been paying for over 8 months on basebucks, the information points to him being behind other scams which suggests he may be using scam funds to fund his other projects. Whatever the case may be, it is strongly advised not to invest money on either sites as this individual which I have known for over 2 years has LIED and misrepresented himself on several occasions, denying all the doubts and allegations, avoiding questions, etc......until I found PROOF out there to counter his claims.

He is a very smooth talker, professional, he will lie left and right and is very good at convincing you of things.

Note on his web page that he has a certificate of incorporation under "Future Business Ltd", allegedly registered in BELIZE !

Please note that he claims to be located in spain....yet the business seems registered in BELIZE. This is a red flag people. Anybody can rent office space in Malaga Spain, but many of the HYIPs that have scammed have been registered in BELIZE.

The biggest proof I can show is his name linked to 3 domains. I also have a video recorded just in case he finds out and removes the evidence.

If you are a fan of MoneyNewsOnline, go in reviews and run a search on basebucks, look at the bottom and you will see his listing has been removed by the admin due to information he has come across (same one as I have) and how he does not recommend investing in any of his sites.

What you do is up to you, I have information to share that will prove a link between basebucks, mytrafficvalue and's up to you to interpret the information as you please.

I was going to invest a large sum of money in his site, but after finding this information I decided not to, he has wasted my time for the past 2 years lying to me, denying my suspicions, because before finding the info I had suspected things......he has caused me to lose over $400 in currency exchange and payment processor conversion fees, stress and has mis represented himself to me. The moving the money back and forth / exchanging it back and forth and recently having to move my money back to my bank because I dropped my support for his site and not investing in it.

Be careful of this individual he is very good at convincing you and denying allegations, but there is FACTUAL evidence he cannot deny.

I have proof that he erased such evidence from a facebook page. Facebook company keeps backlogs of all changes made........... Also can show through a hosting company he uses in Canada, to host investproker, the same name being used, again, should he change this info, backlogs are available if need be.

Investors beware.

I have lost well over $4000 investing online and now I am trying to help people online be informed and avoid being victims of scams.
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#2 by rheydickson » Fri Feb 24, 2012 23:43

Thanks for sharing this.. :thumbup:
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#3 by Darkstar2 » Sat Feb 25, 2012 00:50

Those who know basebucks will know that the site has been paying everyone and is 8+ months old, the whole point is to show some compelling evidence that suggests where he is getting is funding from .... If someone wants to see the evidence PM me. This is factual and there are many people who have witnessed it / verified it !

This however does NOT mean that you cannot make money with his sites, more likely you will, but the whole point here is to not support someone that has lied, regardless of how much money he pays out.......

I nearly invested $3000 in his new site, luckily I found this info on time !
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#4 by ptcscrutiny » Sat Feb 25, 2012 05:55

Thanks Darkstar for this informative post. I did try HYIPs for a few months but didn't invest a huge amount. Didn't make a profit but neither did I loose out. Must have gained a couple of dollars after 4-6 months of investment. I would have made more by clicking Micro ads here 8-)

And just FYI, daily I follow ALL your comments you make here and on NeoBux through RSS. I love reading your comments since you express yourself so beautifully. I'd love to follow your comments on EMS too but I've given up. Too many trolls are lurking around there.

Not many people have the courage to disclose to others that they've lost out on $3-$4k on HYIPs. What I really like is that now you are doing your best so that others don't fall for these "get-rich" programs.
You are a real gem of person :thumbup:
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#5 by Cleberl1 » Sun Feb 26, 2012 18:57

When I was a poor and naive guy I invested some bucks on these kind of scamming programs.

Any people with a small brain would realize that a program offering 150% of return in a few weeks is not a legit "investment".
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#6 by valerie » Mon Feb 27, 2012 00:29

I guess I had a pea brain because I lost way over $20,000 to one HYIP program many years ago.

I can recall some very stupid things I did back then. When you're new to the internet, and back
then the internet was very new, you just don't know.

One time I printed out thousands of pages of emails I received. :lol: It was back when FFA
pages were popular. And I went over to the most popular one and signed up, placed my free
ad, and started getting thousands of emails. I thought, there is no way I can read all these
but they sure look like they contain important info. So I printed them all out. I even went
to the store to buy more printer ink and paper. :roll:

I told my daughter, I printed them out because there was no way I could read them all and
it appeared they all had important info and links. She said MOOOOMMMMMM, you're suppose
to delete those! I was like.... :o
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#7 by Eddie267 » Mon Feb 27, 2012 00:58

Thanks for the post, glad I didn't look into these sites when I joined this world.
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