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The Wind of change in ClixSense ~


#1 by bengal-tiger » Wed Jan 04, 2012 22:13

Dear members,
I have seen ClixSense is trying to create some changes in business . Of course this will give us more opportunity to work . So investment is necessary when business is upgrading . I think the price ClixSnese is offering is very normal . I mean the premium membership price . May be every one will agree with me . Comparing with other established PTC the price of ClixSense is very low . In another established PTC they are taking 90 $ for first up gradation.I think this is too much what the company is asking . After that you have to buy some packs for some extra features for better income, the pack costs are 290$, 490$, 890$ , after that you have to buy referrals by spending lot of money . So what ClixSense is asking it is very normal. There are many people those who can invest more if ClixSense can create more opportunity for the source of income .If ClixSense need more investment to create more opportunity may be all active members can support all price . I am ready to invest more if there is opportunity .United we stand divided we fall . We are with you carry on Brother Jim .
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#2 by rheydickson » Wed Jan 04, 2012 22:23

I totally agree!
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#3 by ptcscrutiny » Thu Jan 05, 2012 00:05

Please remove the bold formatting from your post. Its really hard on the eyes.
Use bold, italics or underlining only when you need to highlight some important.
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#4 by WeeCash » Thu Jan 05, 2012 00:13

I don't think there is actually place for something like that on ClixSense.

ClixSense if famous for it's low upgrade costs and I don't think many memberships are good, contrary they highlight member's investment possibilities, not possibilities as successful affiliate as it should be on PTC site and is now on ClixSense.

Best Regards.
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#5 by valerie » Thu Jan 05, 2012 00:28

There is a total difference in ClixSense and anything similar, compared to programs like bux sites and neobux.

ClixSense is a REAL advertising network that pays it's members for viewing adverts.
They offer the premium membership which does a whole lot more than what members may first think about.
Advertisers want people that buy. I mean you certainly would not try and sell ice to an eskimo. He don't
need ice so he is not going to buy ice. Same goes with the premium memberships. There are advertisers
that sell something in which people must buy to get that the advertiser wants people that
are known buyers.

Bux sites and yes, even neobux, is not a real advertising network in the sense of the word.
They are INVESTMENT programs. Many of them charge a lot of money too in order to upgrade to the
worthy option. Then they sell referrals or rent referrals and it's like a box of chocolates...mostly stale
chocolates at that, you don't know what you'll get. Some members of these types of programs will
relay what they make but they don't relay what they spent in their adverts. There are people out there
that will spend thousands of dollars, maybe not all at once, but before they know it, they have spent
a lot of money for upgrades and when these people say they have made $10,000 that is
great, but did they spend $20,000 to make it? That is the question and that is the big difference.
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